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11 12, 2019

Kaohsiung Independent Federation Union Press Release Commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Kaohsiung Beautiful Island Incident and World Human Rights Day Protecting democracy, striving for equality, I am Kaohsiung, I insist

The Kaohsiung Independent Federation of Trade Unions pointed out: The 1210 World Human Rights Day and the 40th anniversary of

15 08, 2019

Major Event—Our Dream

Our union independent struggle story 1987/10/31  由電信員工成立台灣國營事業第一個體制外團體「電信實習員佐權益促進會」開啟電信自主工運風潮。 1987/10/31 Telecom workers set up “The Association for Promotion of Telecom Workers’ Rights

15 08, 2019

Our Story

The Beginning Taiwan Province Telecommunication Union was established in 1957, soon after, in 1976, it was approved by the Ministry