Our Story 

1.         The Beginning

Taiwan Province Telecommunication Union was established in 1957, soon after, in 1976, it was approved by the Ministry of the Interior (Republic of China) for central counselling and the name was then adjusted to Taiwan Telecommunication Union.

In 1996, the DGT (Directorate General of Telecommunications) was reconstructed into Chunghwa Telecom Co; Therefore Taiwan Telecommunication Union was then officially renamed as Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union

Waking up from the Martial Law

The Martial Law was lifted in July 1987.

Soon after, on the 31st of October 1987; the employees of telecommunication established the first labor organizations outside the Legal Regulations and system from a state-owned enterprise called “Telecommunication Apprentice and Equality Enforcement Group”, and later on, others followed.  Many Labor Organizations outside the Legal Regulations were also established.

These organizations are based on combining similar ideology across different hierarchy and position in the system, challenging the telecommunication policies.  After one decade of operating, on the 6th of November, 1996, Chang Hsu-Chung was elected as the first president of Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union, and officially discards the imbalanced control of the political parties and the employers, opening up a new page for the workers’ union.


On March, 2000, with interference of KMT, government and employers’ support, Chen Run-Zhou was elected as the second president of Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union.      

On 30th of June, 2000, Chen Run-Zhou sent an endorsement letter on behalf of the workers’ union to the stock exchange, for the employers to privatize Chunghwa Telecom.   
In March, 2003, with the support of the new ruling party, Chang Hsu-Chung was re-elected as the 3rd president, continuing to oppose and compete with company privatization policy. Promoting and implementing industrial democracy under public-private enterprise.

Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union independently cultivates the history of labor movement, demonstrating telecom employees’ passion and ambition by running a power separated labor government.

Awaken the awareness of labors, adhere the ethical aspect, obtain global perspective with down-to-earth management, participate in current affairs.

Unite labor power, beyond political parties; prevent separation and becoming the person who is in control of the Taiwan society.

2.         Southern ideology, rise from Kaohsiung


Chunghwa Telecom Southern Workers’ Union was formerly known as Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union. During the President Chang Hsu-Chung’s tenure, based on the Constitution of Republic of China with respect of free spirit, workers’ union developed locally and creates the needs of political influences. Encourage Chunghwa Telecom employees in each and every city to join their local workers’ union, with Chunghwa Telecom Southern Workers’ Union as their main body.  On the 31st of March, 2005, Chunghwa Telecom Southern Workers’ Union was approved by the Labor Affairs Bureau of Kaohsiung City Government.  It was the very first union in Taiwan that has independently applied as a union organization, due to the Executive Yuan promulgated the new Trade Union Law in May, 2011; the name was therefore changed to Chunghwa Telecom Southern Workers’ Union.

 Building the Dream

Since 1993, Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union has formally become independent, free from political parties. It was a tough journey for CTWU; it has been through the three Telecommunication Acts changes, from corporatization to privatization, and changing of governing parties. However, time flies, after 20 years of maturing and solidating, from knowledge to experience; this 20 years period is like a roll of film, witnessing the changes of CTWU from black & white to color.  To Chunghwa Telecom employees, CTWU is a brand of itself, representing self-discipline and justice, fighting for the rights of employees.


Thinking back of the 20 years period, Chunghwa Telecom Workers’ Union was involved in the refining Telecommunication Acts, by doing so, it does not only changes the role of CTWU, but it also prevented Chunghwa Telecom from eating up by corporate groups. Furthermore, the members are our motivation; motivate us to revolutionize the corporate culture. They are our partners as well, to supervise Chunghwa telecom, and we are the back-up for our members pursuing a fair working environment. Therefore, we believe in transparent democracy, the president and directors are voted by the members, after many incidents, we still believe that the union belongs to the members, we are for members. This system is also accustomed by the Kaohsiung City Confederation of Trade Union and the Labor Union of China Steel.


The union president is directly elected by the members; we received ninety percent of member support from bottom to top, this represents that the members appreciate the efforts that we put in, fighting for a better working environment in that past 20 years. In order to return members’ appreciation, we are their soldiers; we will conquer challenges, so that employees will have a fair treat and work with dignity. In the meantime, during the privatization protest, we appreciate all the members’ support and assistant. Especially on the 23rd of September, 2003 when we were pressured by the company, if it wasn’t the support of all members, the condition of working environment for employees will not be as pleasant as it is today.

3.         Dream Rises

「南方思潮,高雄揚帆」(Southern ideology, rise from Kaohsiung)

Southern represents Top, Simple, Down to earth, Equality and Share. And Kaohsiung, it is not just a city, but it symbolize for rational thinking and responsibilities. Therefore we hope in the near future, gather southern labor power, showing the characteristic of the labor city, and build a fair equal and anti-exploitation society.


Union  Logo meaning


The “S” in the logo represents Southern,

Challenging and opposing the northern belief,

Illustrating the inequality between the North and the South

Building an affirmative thought


The use of color Blue, Green and Yellow represent “the sky, land and the people”

Reaching out with boundless internet

To show the world the beauty of Taiwan


Yet this logo is circular, like the Chinese philosophy Tai-chi

With the heart of Balance, Equality and Share

Pursuing a harmony dream, with individual thought

Rising from Kaohsiung