2019 Asia-Pacific International Labor Relations Forum

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2019 Asia-Pacific International Labor Relations Forum

 Practice Corporate Social Responsibility and Implement Social Distribution Justice


Digital Capitalism V.S. Employment Distributive JusticeReviews and Challenges on Labor Relations

Moderator: Dr. Kuo, Jui-Kun (The head of Institute of Public Affairs Management, NSYSU )

Speaker: Dr. Santanu Sarkar (The Profssor of labour relations and HRM at XLRI Xavier School of Management in India)

Review and Challenge of the Development of Independent Trade Unions in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Korea (1997-2018)

Moderator: Dr. Liu, Mei-Jun(The head of Professor, Institute of Labor Research, Political University, NCCU)


Speaker: Dr.Chang Hsu-chung(The President of Kaohsiung Independent Trade Union)

Speaker: Director Han, Dong-Fang (China Labour Bulletin (Hong Kong)

Speaker: Chairman Kim Hoseon (Former chairman of the Korea Telecommunications Union)

Acknowledgement and Practice of Labor and Capital on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Moderator: Dr. Huang Bei-Hao (the professor of Department of Business Management, NSYSU)

Speaker: Dr. Kang, Rong-Bao (The Professor of Lee Kuan-Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore)

Speaker: Chen Chun Sheng (The President of Labor Union of CSC Group)

Speaker: Chang Hsu-Chung(The President of Kaohsiung Independent Confederation of Trade Union)

Inspection on the resolution to labor dispute via Taiwan code of labor procedure

Moderator: Dr. Deng Shuai-Liang (the head of Chunghwa Affairs of Labors and Employers Foundation)

Speaker: MR. Chen Shu-Cun (Lawyer)

Speaker: Zheng, Ying-Sheng (The President of Taiwan Airport service Corporate Union)

Speaker: Chen, Bo-Qian (The Researcher of Taiwan Higher Education Union)

Speaker: Liu Ya-Ping (The Secretary of National Federation of Education Unions)

Discussion & Conclusion