1957/06/30 召開第一次代表大會正式成立台灣省電信工會,當時共有12個分會,會員人數4288人。 Taiwan Provincial Telecom Workers’ Union was formally founded after the first Representatives Conference. At that time, it had 12 affiliates and 4,288 membership.
1987/10/31 成立電信實習員佐權益促進會,從爭取勞動者經濟權益出發,開始電信工會自主的改造。 Setting up an organization for the rights and interests of Telecom Probationary employees, with the view of striving for laborers’ economic rights, as has begun an autonomous reconstruction within CTWU.
1992/07/13/ 中華電信員工第一次到立法院針對「電信三法」公共政策陳情抗議,從此開啟了工會反對賤賣國營事業、圖利財團之民營化政策的漫漫長路。 Telecom Workers protested against public policy of “Three Telecom Acts” in Legislative Yuan for the first time. This protest represents CTWU starts to step on the long way of opposing the policy of privatization.
1995/05/01 中華電信工會幹部結合郵政工會勞方幹部,至交通部陳情主張實施「產業民主」制度。 CTWU and CPWU started their pursuit of democratic industry in MOTC .
1995/05/31 面對政府將國營事業民營化的政策,郵電事業工會聯合,在同一個月第二次動員陳情,要求實施「產業民主」制度。 Confronted the policy of privatizing Stated-own Businesses, CTWU worked with CPWU to protest two times in one month and asked for practicing the system of “Democratic Industry”.
1995/07/14 本會發動「捍衛全民資產—反財閥、爭生存」行動,並以行動劇表現金權怪獸吞噬國營事業。 CTWU launched “Fight for national assets: No to Conglomerates Fight for Survival” action, and mocked the money monster which put its hand on state-owned business.
1995/09/18 政府為推動電信事業民營作準備,提出電信三法修正案,送入立法院後爭議不斷,中華電信員工積極參與修法公聽會,要求以民主方式公開討論電信政策。 To prepare the privatization of Telecom, the authorities referred the controversial amendment of three Telecom Acts. CTWU members actively participated the public hearings and requested to openly discuss telecom policies.
1995/12/07 工會動員到立法院,提出拒絕官僚領導,爭取產業民主之訴求。 CTWU mobilized the members to reject bureaucracy and fight for democratic industry in Legislative Yuan.




工會在短短一個月內四次分別動員5千多位會員到立法院,抗議通過「電信三法」中華電信公司化的政策。 The CTWU mobilized over 5,000 members four times within 1 months to protest against the revision of “Three Telecom Acts” that would transform Chunghwa Telecom into a company.
1996/07/01 因交通部電信總局改組為中華電信公司,工會名稱由台灣電信工會改為中華電信工會。 MOTC Telecom Bureau was restructured as Chunghwa Telecom Company(CHT). In order to correspond with this restructuring, the Union’s name was changed to “Changhwa Telecom Workers’ Union”.
1996/08/27 針對張緒中被告毀謗罪案,由立法委員余玲雅及全國公營事業工會聯合會主辦「叫工賊算不算毀謗?」公聽會,以突顯資方介入工會運作之問題。 As to President Chang was sued to commit criminal defamation, Legislator Yu Ling-ya and National State-owned Businesses Confederation held the public hearing, titled “Should someone call others as blacklegs be regarded as a calumniator?”, to bring out the problem of the management stepping into the union operation.
1996/11/06 中華電信工會改選,代表自主工會的張緒中以一票之差,當選理事長擊敗資方推派之代表;這是電信工會有史以來,第一次由勞方當選理事長,媒體以「變天」來形容此一結果。 CTWU held re-election and Chang Hsu-chung, who represented Autonomous Faction, defeated the management side candidate by only one vote and won Presidential election. This is the first time in the history of telecom union that a candidate from the labor side was elected as the union President.
1996/12/27 工會代表大會通過籌募罷工基金之決議,成為國內首創。 CTWU Representatives Conference passed the resolution of raising strike action foundation. This is an innovation in Taiwan.
1997/01/17-21 第一屆中華電信工會理事長張緒中上任不到一個月,韓國民主勞總為抗議政府通過勞動惡法發動全國大罷工,本會跨出國際交流的第一步,推派馬志海、呂淑津等幹部參與韓國罷工遊行,接受了韓國堅實工運的震撼教育。 Less than one month after Chang Hsu-chung won and took office as the President of CTWU, KCTU took strike action to protest against evil labor law passed by South Korea government. CTWU assigned Director Ma Chih-hai, Supervisor Lu, Shu-chin and other representatives to participate in the strike parade and experienced the labor movement in South Korea.
1997/03/04 本會分別與國華人壽保險公司、美國安泰人壽保險公司及寶祥保險經紀人公司簽定優惠團體保險契約,回饋金並捐入罷工基金帳戶。 CTWU signed the privileged Group Insurance Contracts separately with Kuo Hua Life Insurance Co., ING Insurance, and Bao Siang Insurance. Rewarding bonuses were donated to Strike Action Foundation Account.
1997/03/14 本會與遠東商銀舉行「中華電信工會認同卡」簽約典禮,每筆消費額的千分之二將捐作罷工基金。 CTWU and Far Eastern International Bank hold “CTWU Recognition Card Circulation” Launching Ceremony. 0.002 percent of per purchase would be donated to strike action foundation.
1997/05/18 參與「白曉燕綁架撕票案」引發人民抗議治安敗壞發起「518用腳愛台灣」大遊行。 “Bai Siao-yan kidnapping case” ignited Taiwan people’s anger at poor public security and held the walkout of “518 Loving Taiwan by Feet”. CTWU members participated the walkout.
1997/07/11 與立法院立法委員合作於北中南三地舉辦中華電信公司組織改造公聽會,邀請電信主管機關到場說明,員工到場表達訴求。 CTWU cooperated with Legislators to hold public hearing talking about the issue of CHT reorganization in north, central and south Taiwan. MOTC officers were invited to answer members’ questions. CTWU members held the banner to present their appeals.
1997/08/20 張緒中理事長首度帶領13人代表團出席國際郵電工會(PTTI,之後更名為國際通信工會CI)於加拿大蒙特婁舉行的世界年會,代表自主工運的聲音,發表台灣工運報告,譴責執政黨打壓自主工運。 The CTWU President Chang, Hsu-chung led a delegation of 13 members to participate in the PTTI World Congress held in Montreal, Canada and made a speech on the topic of independent labor movement. President Chang Hsu-chung addressed on the issue of labor movement in Taiwan and condemned ruling party’s oppression.
1997/09/27 本會動員參加「搶救教科文預算」全國同步大遊行。 CTWU mobilized members to participate the national walkout “Fight for Reserving Education and Culture Budget”.
1997/10/19 民間團體聯合律師、法官、檢察官、法學教授、弱勢團體人士等三千餘人發起「為司法復活而走遊行」,本會積極參與行動規劃,張緒中理事長並擔任遊行總指揮。 NGOs invited lawyers, judges, law professor and minority groups around 3,000 people to launch a walkout “Walk for Justice Revival”. CTWU actively coordinated and participated this walkout. President Chang Hsu-chung acted as Walkout General Director.
1998/03 本會首次邀請南韓民主勞總副委員長許榮九來台與本會進行交流。 The first time that the CTWU invited Mr. Hyoo, Yung-koo, vice-President of KCTU to visit CTWU in Taiwan.
1998/04/14 本會邀請韓國電信工會理事長金浩先來台,與台灣工運領袖進行經驗分享。 CTWU invited KTTU then President Kim, Ho-sun to visit Taiwan and shared the experience of being a labor leader.
1998/05/01 本會全力支持全國產業總工會推動籌備委員會所發起的「新社會之夢大遊行」,結合了國內各工運團體。 Under the calling of Taiwan Confederation of Trade Unions, CTWU totally supported and mobilized thousands of members to participate the walkout “Dream of A New Society: a dream fulfilled for employees on Labor Day”.
1998/05/25 本會由張緒中理事長率團前往韓國進行交流訪問,期間一同參與當地發起的抗議行動。 A CTWU visiting team led by President Chang,Hsu-chung went to South Korea for Experience Sharing Program and participated a local protest demonstration.
1998/06/24 PTTI秘書長Mr.Philip Bowyer訪台,本會提出執政黨介入工會的證據,PTTI發動會員國向中華民國政府抗議。 PTTI General Secretary Philip Bowyer visited Taiwan. During his stay, CTWU referred the evidence that the government intended to interfere in union operation. PTTI mobilized the affiliated countries to present their concerns to R.O.C. Government.
1998/07/24 韓國因經濟危機引發大裁員,韓國民主勞總(KCTU)發動全國總罷工,本會應韓國電信工會邀請,至韓國工運聖地漢城「明洞教堂」聲援大罷工。 KTTU initiated a national general strike in response to the numerous layoffs due to economic crisis. CTWU was invited by KTTU to support and inspire the labors on the street in the holy ground of Korean labor movement, Myoung-doung Cathedral.
1998/11/22 台機員工第一波大遊行,本會前往聲援。 Taiki employees launched the first wave walkout. CTWU supported their action.
1998/12/03 罷工基金電話卡發表會,積極籌募罷工基金。 CTWU issued “Strike Foundation Memorial Public Phone Card” to collect strike action funding.
1999/01/28-29 應香港大東電報局職工會邀請,兩天行程拜會了香港電信工會、香港郵物工會、香港職工盟、香港工委會、亞洲專訊、香港教師會等,本會理事長張緒中並接受由中國工運領袖韓東方主持的「自由亞洲之聲」訪問。 Invited by the Cable & Wireless Staff Association, President Chang visited HK Telecom Staff Association, Union of HK Post Office Employees, HKCTU, HK Labor Committee, Asian Communications, HK Professional Teachers’ Union in two days. President Chang also received an interview by Han, Tung-fang, a Chinese labor movement leader in the broadcasting program Asian Voice of Freedom.
1999/04/22 本會舉辦公司經營鬆綁暨捍衛員工工作權政策說明會。 CTWU held a symposium discussing about unbinding the power of management and fighting for labors’ working right.
1999/04/26 工會動員五千人至立法院外要求刪除中華電信釋股預算。 CTWU mobilized 5,000 members to appeal for canceling the budget of CHT ADR releasing。
1999/04/29 再次動員反對釋股,桃園縣面臨老闆惡性關廠的失業勞工,回應本會對於他們行動的聲援與支持,特自費包車到台北聲援本會抗爭行動。 Labors in Taoyuan County faced the laid-off after the employer suddenly closed down the factory, rented vehicles with their own expenses to join CTWU’s action in Taipei.
1999/05 由立委簡錫堦國會辦公室協助本會舉辦「打破民營化迷思」公聽會,讓官方與學界能針對國營事業民營化之政策進行辯論。 Under the help of Legislator Jian Si-jie, CTWU held the public hearing, title “Disclose the reality of privatization”, which offered the platform for the government officers and professors to debate on the issue of privatization.
1999/05/28 政府編列中華電信釋股預算,本會動員立法院陳情,大家冒雨在立法院守夜,要求刪除中華電信釋股預算。 The government reserved the budget for CHT share releasing. CTWU members stayed overnight in heavy rain outside Legislative Yuan to state their opposition, and requested the government to cancel this budget item.
1999/06/01 張緒中理事長接受民進黨主席林義雄邀請至中央黨部作反黑金專題報告。 President Chang, Hsu-chung, invited by Mr. Lin,Yih-hsiung, the former Chairman of DPP to make a specific report on the title “fighting against the black & gold politics” in the DPP’s HQs.
1999/06/06 張緒中理事長代表本會聲援美濃反水庫行動。 President Chang Hsu-chung represented CTWU to support Meinung Township citizens to oppose the construction project of reservoir.
1999/06/17 本會聯合各友會,發起「萬電齊發」電話請願,要求全面檢討民營化政策。 Allied with other trade unions, CTWU launched “Make 10,000 Calls” appealing action to request the authorities to review the policy of privatization.
1999/07/05 中華電信工會首度主辦亞太地區國際通訊工會電信研討會,日、韓、港、新、菲等國代表參與,會中針對電信產業經營、民營化政策,勞動條件、工會因應策略等,進行國際交流。 The CTWU hosted an “Asia-pacific Region CI Affiliates Telecom Seminar” in Taipei, inviting more than 10 telecom union leaders from Japan, Korean, Hong Kong, Singapore and the Philippines to discuss issues including management of telecom industry, privatization, labor conditions, and the responding policy of unions.
1999/07/07~08 本會舉辦「亞太地區國際通信工會電信研討會」,共邀請本、南韓、新加坡、香港及菲律賓等國電信工會代表參與。 CTWU hosted an “Asia-Pacific Region CI Affiliates Telecom Seminar” in Taipei, inviting telecom unions’ representatives from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Hongkong, and Philippines to participate.
1999/07/24 中華電信公司參與各民間團體發起「反黑金 廢國大」遊行,以積極行動展現集體公民的意志,嚴正要求朝野各政黨正視民意,做出明確廢除國民大會決議。 CTWU and NGOs launched a walkout “Oppose Dirty Money Dismiss National Assembly”. We requested all political parties to seriously concern about people’s opinions and passed the resolution of abolishing National Assembly.
1999/07/27 由本會推動公營事業工會大聯盟成立,聯盟成立大會,宋、陳兩位2000年總統候選人蒞臨發表對民營化政策之主張。 Facilitated by the CTWU, the State-owned enterprises Trade Union established. In the founding convention, two candidates for year 2000 Taiwan Presidential Election participated and addressed their opinions about the policy of privatization.
1999/08/28 聯合其他公營事業工會向國民黨十五全黨代表大會陳情請願,要求暫緩並重新檢討民營化政策。 State-owned Business Trade Union Alliance requests the ruling party to review the policy of privatization in the occasion of KMT 15TH Representative Conference.
1999/09/07~08 國際通信工會(前身為國際郵電工會PTTI)為與FIFT、IGF、MEI三個國際組織合併成國際網路工會(Union Network Internation-UNI),在瑞士日內瓦召開了臨時世界大會,本會張緒中理事長獲選為世界執行委員會候補委員。 CI held a Special World Congress in Geneva, Switzerland. All the postal and telecom affiliates world around gathered in Geneva. The Congress passed unanimously the resolution of stablishing a new international organization : UNI with FIET, IGF and MEI. President Chang was elected as the subsitute commissioner of UNI executive committee.
1999/09/16 本會首次以單一工會全程安排接待美國勞聯產聯總工會(AFL-CIO),並安排台北、高雄兩場座談,這是1987年解嚴後,AFL-CIO與台灣獨立工運第一次接觸。 CTWU first ever arranged Taiwan visiting schedule of AFL-CIO, and held two symposiums in Taipei and Kaohsiung. This is the first time connection between AFL-CIO and Taiwan independent-operation union since martial law was declared in year 1987.
1999/10/07~08 工會參加吉隆坡亞太地區電信委員會,張理事長當選電信委員及亞洲電信考察團團員,同時爭取到2000/亞太電信委員會在台灣召開。 CTWU participated CI-APRO Telecom Committee Meeting in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia. President Chang was elected as a commissioner of the committee and the member of Asia Telecom Delegation. He suggested that year 2000 APRO Telecom Committee to be held in Taiwan.
1999/12/10 資方動員南部單位主管北上到工會抗議,企圖影響工會選舉。 CHT management mobilized managers of CHT southern branches to protest in Taipei, for the intention of affecting the CTWU representatives’ election.
2000/01/01 四個國際工會組織:包括國際通信工會、國際商業文書及技術雇員聯合會、國際製圖工會和國際媒體娛樂工會合併成國際網路工會。中華電信工會是九百多個加盟工會之一。 Four International Unions: CI, FIET, IGF, and MEI combined and reorganized a new international union, Union Network International(UNI). CTWU is one of 900 affiliates.
2000/03/03 由資方推派的代表陳潤洲當選第二屆工會理事長。 Mr. Chen, Ren-chou, a management-side representative was elected as the 2nd President of CTWU.
2000/05/26 參與連署救柴山活動。 CTWU joined the petition of saving ChaiMountain.
2000/06/30 陳潤洲理事長、曾志明總幹事違反工會章程以工會名義發文配合支持公司股票上市民營化。 The former President and the General Secretary of the CTWU wrote a letter to the government to agree with the privatization of chunghua Telecom, as violated the statutes of the union.
2000/08/16 在交通部以貪得無厭羞辱電信員工下,工會被迫發起遊行請願活動,訴求為「請行政院落實保障員工身分權與工作權」。 Because of the evil words spoken by the Minister of the Ministry ofCommunication and Transportations, the CTWU couldn’t but launch a Walkout “Executive Yuan Please fulfills your committee to protect CHT employees’ public servant status and working right.”
2001/06 張理事長協助安排高雄市政府勞工自治委員會拜訪香港職工盟,與其核心幹部劉千石、李卓人、張文光領袖進行交流。 President of the CTWU arranged a visit for the Labor Autonomous Committee of Kaohsiung City to union leaders of HKCTU, Lee, Zhou-yan and Cheung Man-kwong, and exchanged experience in labor movement.
2001/06/26 中華電信工會第二屆會員代表大會,自主工會幹部提案爭取勞工董事應由會員直選,雙方有所爭議,資方工會幹部召來公司保全及警察進駐會場。 CTWU second-term membership conference, representatives from autonomic faction proposed that the candidate of Labor Director should be directly voted by CTWU members. This proposal was argued by the other faction controlled by the management, and they called CHT security guards and police to enter the conference room.
2001/06/30 台汽客運結束營業,抗爭員工和聲援的勞工團體在台汽西站守夜,本會幹部前往聲援。 The CTWU leaders went to Taiwan Motor Transport Company which closed up its operation. The employees of Taiwan Motor Transport Comapny and other supporting labors stayed awaked all night in the bus station.
2002/03 在前一年的工會會員代表大會,自主工會幹部雲昌台等人遭資方幹部以麥克風攻擊致牙床斷裂,因此召開記者會說明事情原委、控訴暴力。 In year 2001 membership conference, representatives of autonomic faction, Yun Chang-tai and others were attached and resulted in the broken gum. A news conference was held for appealing to this hooliganism and to condemn the violence.
2002/09/04 張理事長出席韓國漢城舉辦「女性社會參與研討會」。 President Chang Participated in the symposium on Mainstreaming Woman’s Social Participation in Seoul, Korea.
2002/09/06 本會張緒中理事長連同高雄市勞工局局長方來進,拜會民主勞動黨主席權永吉先生。 President Chang, Hsu-chung and Director of Labor Breau of Kaohsiung City visited President of Korea Democracy Labor Party, Kwon Yeoun-Gil.
2002/09/28 本會幹部協助全國教師會發動近十萬老師走上街頭,訴求組織工會、集體協商等教師應有的勞動人權。 CTWU leaders helped the founding of National Teachers’ Association and launched 100,000 teachers to walk on the street to appeal for teachers’ rights of organizing the union and processing collective negotiation.
2003/03/18 張緒中理事長再度當選中華電信工會理事長。 Chang Hsu-chung was again re-elected as CTWU President.
2003/05/01 本會連同友會以公營事業工會大聯盟名義赴行政院陳情,要求官股超過20%以上時,應有工會代表擔任勞工董事。立法院於2003/06/06通過該項決議。 Under the name of State-Owned Business Union Alliance, CTWU and other unions state the appeal to Executive Yuan for setting the system of labor director in the governing board.
2003/06/06 立法院院會三讀通過本會訴求版本:國、公營事業移轉民營後之事業,政府資本合計超過百分之二十以上時,代表政府股份之董事或理事,應至少有一名該事業工會之代表擔任。 CTWU’s motion was finally passed three reading in Legislative Yuan, which once Stated-Own Business is privatized and the government still remains over 20 percents holding capital, at least one seat in Board of Directors should be reserved for the union.
2003/06 中華電信規劃買回庫藏股,勞資協商會議第二次會。 CHT planned to buy back Treasury Stock and caused disputes. Therefore, the union and the management called the negotiation meeting to discuss this issue.
2003/06/24 中華電信公司規劃舉債買回庫藏股,在工會反對行動持續不斷推動下,公司與工會展開協商,隔年年初,交通部宣佈中華電信暫緩實施庫藏股案。 CHT planned to increase in treasury stock, but it was opposed by CTWU, and then the union and the management started to negotiate. At the beginning of year 2004, MOTC announced to postpone the plan of CHT treasury stock increasing.
2003/06/27 出席國際網路工會(UNI)於克羅埃西亞查布洛市舉辦的世界電信大會。 CTWU participated 2003 UNI World Telecom Conference in Zabreb Croatia.
2003/09/23 工會動員前往立法院要求檢討民營化政策,以本土八家將表演藝術,諷刺台灣財團妖魔橫行、官商勾結。國外香港職工盟秘書長李卓人,韓國前電信工會理事長金浩先,國際網路工會亞太地區電信負責人Dan Dwyer等人來台聲援本會923捍衛權益反民營化行動。 CTWU members requested Legislative Yuan to review the policy of privatization. Demonstrated by the Taiwan folk performing art, Ba-Gu-Ciang, CTWU burlesqued the phenomenon that the official authority conspired with conglomerates. Oversea union friends, including HKCTU General Secretary Lee, Cheuk-yan, former KTTU President Kim, Ho-sun, UNI APRO Telecom Director Dan Dwyer came to Taiwan to support CTWU 923 Anti-Privatization action.
2003/11/03 張理事長與公營事業工會大聯盟成員工會及各縣市產業工會等21個工會理事長拜會行政院游院長,遞交陳情書以爭取會員權益。 President Chang along with State-owned Business Trade Union Alliance and other 21 Presidents from various city and county trade unions visited then Premier You. They handed in appealing letter to strive for members’ right.
2003/11/06 高雄加工出口區女工面臨大量解雇,本會張理事長率領幹部前往關心,並分享工運經驗。 Female labors in Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone faced the threatening of laid off. President Chang Hsu-chung and CTWU representatives visited them and shared the experience of labor movement.
2003/11/27 「無聲勝有聲」公營事業工會大聯盟發動各成員,於行政院前以沉默的靜坐,嚴肅的抗議,堅決表達『要檢討民營化』、『要經營企業化』、『要產業民主化』、『要簽團體協約』等訴求。 State-owned Business Trade Union Alliance had a silent sit-down in front of Executive Yuan. They insisted on the appeals of “Reviewing Privatization”, “Democratic Industries “, and”Signing Collective Agreement “.
2003/12/01~03 在韓國濟州島召開的「東亞電信工會論壇」,與會台、日、韓三國分別提出國情報告,最後,三國工會理事長簽署聲明書,對於亞洲工會的團結又邁進一步。 2003 East Asia Telecom Union Forum was held in Jeju Island, Korea in which the three unions from Korea, Japan and Taiwan respectively represented their national report. At the end of the Forum, Presidents from three telecom unions signed a joint announcement to further unite Asian unions.
2003/12/31 為加深會員對於罷工行動的了解,為未來的戰鬥作準備,本會發行全台第一本「罷工教戰手冊」。 To help members further understanding the meaning of strike action, CTWU published the first ” Strike Action Guidebook” in Taiwan.
2004/04/20 私營電信業者集資卻不建設,反向政府施壓,逼迫中華電信公司低價開放迴路供其租用,等於是要中華電信公司拱手讓出市場,本會展開一連串的行動,提出支持ADSL全面降價之主張,並論述開放用戶迴路的弊病。 Private Telecom companies asked the government to make CHT open its LLU(Local Loop Unbundling) under low renting charge. Those private operators invested in Telecom market but refused to accordingly put money into telecom construction development. Their strategies may cause the unfair competition in the market. CTWU launched a series of actions, including supporting ADSL cost down and illustrating the negative impact to open LLU.
2004/04/29 鑒於社會大眾普遍不了解中華電信每年繳庫五百億對國庫的貢獻,本會除製作平面廣告刊登,並剪輯完成第一支電視廣告帶,於各大媒體播放。 On the basis of the public did not understand the fact that CHT paid 50 billions tax to the Treasury annually, CTWU bought the advertising on the print media and produced the first ever TV advertising, which was played in main media channels.
2004/5/18 為讓會員了解員工權益之最新發展,本會展開「全省走透透–自己權益自己顧」的員工權益說明會。 In order to let members understand the most updated news of labor rights’ issues, CTWU launched a symposium, “Walking National-wide: You should take care of your own rights”.
2004/06/10 立法院院會三讀通過「中華電信公司應編列子女教育補助費預算案」;表決通過:「簽定團體協約前應暫緩釋股案」。 Legislative Yuan passed three readings on the resolution of “CHT should plan the budget item on compensating for employees’ children education tuition”. Also, Legislative Yuan voted majority on the resolution of “CHT share releasing should be halted before Collective Agreement is signed.”
2004/6/11 張理事長率工會幹部與全國教師會等友會於立法院門口展開捍衛勞動三權行動。 President Chang led CTWU representatives and other supporting Unions members including the Teachers Association to launch the action of fighting for Three Working Rights Reservation in front of Legislative Yuan.
2004/7/5~23 舉辦93年度女性成長營活動,讓女性會員有機會能走出工作崗位,參與工會的活動,充實自己的智能外,亦能同時藉此多加認識工會及事業單位目前的現況及未來展望。 CTWU held 2004 Woman Education Camp, which provided the opportunity for female members to experience the Union and take a break from the work. By this occasion, they can strengthen their wisdoms, as well as further understand the current circumstance and future mission of the Union and CHT.
2004/7/30 公營事業企業化應優先於彌補財政赤字的民營化,行政院暫緩釋出台積電、轉賣中華電信,本會向陳水扁總統、行政院及民營化監督委員會遞送陳情書。 CTWU stated that if government plans to reorganize State-owned Business into the form of company, the main goal should be emphasized on improve the operational efficiency, instead of making up for government financial deficit. CTWU sent the appealing letter to President Chen, Executive Yuan and Privatization Supervising Committee.
2004/09/23 本會承辦第二屆台、日、韓三國「東亞電信工會論壇」,針對三國國情及WTO/GATS及新自由主義政策對電信發展之影響等議題進行討論交流。 CTWU held 2nd East Asia Telecom Union Forum and discussed the topic of “the impacts of WTO and Neo-liberalism on the labor of telecom industry”.
2004/10/9 國際網路工會(UNI)亞太地區電信部門負責人DanDwyer先生蒞臨本會作專案報告。 UNI APRO Telecom Director, Dan Dwyer, visited CTWU and made a speech.
2004/10/19 本會配合全國產業總工會發起各工會共同參與要求檢討民營化政策陳情行動,在未獲立法院具體回應的情況下,工會領導人展開72小時絕食靜坐,向政府的不當民營化政策表達最嚴正的抗議。 National Confederation of Trade Unions launched the action of reviewing the policy of privatization altogether with affiliated unions. Without positive response from Legislative Yuan, union leaders started 72-hours huger strike to protest the improper privatization policy.
2004/11/05 主管機關交通部不僅縱容民營固網業者取得特許執照卻規避建置網路,且一再介入用戶迴路開放的協商,強迫中華電信提供低廉批發價讓私營財團承租經營,工會張理事長在法律顧問劉思龍律師陪同下,前往台北地方法院檢察署按鈴告發交通部與電信總局。 Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC), the official authority in charge of Telecommunication business, connived private telecom companies to obtain charted licenses without the pre-requirement of necessary network infrastructure investing plan. MOTC further enforced Chunghwa Telecom Co. to open its LLU (Local Loop Unbundling) to other business by low using fee. President Cang accompanied by law consultant, Liu Si-long, went to Taipei District Prosecutors Office to sue malfeasance of MOTC.
2004/12/05 電信工會成立47年來,第一次召開會員大會,首創以衛星連線北中南視訊會議舉行罷工投票,在全體電信員工團結一致下,即使面臨資方強力打壓,罷工投票仍以17,118票一舉過半取得合法罷工權。 CTWU held its first ever Membership Conference in 47 years since founding. It wrote down the historical record that the first trade union in Taiwan applied the satellite technology to hold the strike vote. Through SNG, members in north, central and south Taiwan could vote at the same time. Even facing the oppression from the management, within solidarity, CTWU still get the legality to go on a strike with 17,118 votes.
2004/12/10 為阻止政府圖利財團,工會刊登報紙廣告並召開記者會,號召小股東一起向交通部施壓。 In order to prevent the government from benefiting conglomerates, CTWU bought newspaper advertising and held a news conference, called on individual stock holder to oppress MOTC along with CTWU.
2005/01/20 立法院院會審議「勞動三法修正案」及「公營事業移轉民營條例第五、八條修正案」進入最後階段,本會動員超過千名會員與全台各公民營工會會員齊聚立法院群賢樓前,合力捍衛勞動三權及工作權。 Legislative Yuan reviewed “Three Labor Acts Amendments ” and “Privatizing State-owned Business”. CTWU mobilized more than one thousand members and other supporters to gather in front of Legislative Yuan to fight for labors ‘ rights.
2005/03/22~25 張緒中理事長率代表團參加韓國電信工會 (KTTU)會員代表大會。 President Chang Hsu-chung led CTWU delegation to attend KTTU Membership Conference.
2005/03/28 本會與立法院民進黨團針對員工權益協商進行第二次會議,在本會的爭取下,政府從反對到讓步同意保留月退。 CTWU hold the meeting with Legislative Yuan DPP Squad to discuss the issue of members’ rights. After CTWU’s effort, the government changed its attitude of opposing to reserve the monthly pension and finally agreed to remain the monthly pension for 10,278 CTWU members.
2005/04/12~15 中華電信工會舉辦94年度青年教育研習營 CTWU held 2005 Youth Education Camp.
2005/04/14 瑞典的社會主義黨Socialist Party和國際勞工委員會Comittee of Workers Interantional成員 Laurance Coates – 來訪 Member of Sweden Socialist Party and Committee of Workers International, Laurance Coates visited CTWU.
2005/05/10 本會代表團出席德國柏林國際網路工會2005年世界電信大會,發表反民營化演說,獲與會代表熱烈響應。 CTWU participated 2005 UNI World Conference in Berlin, Germany and made a speech of anti-privatization. This speech got overwhelming response from the audience.
2005/05/17 為阻擋公司違反立法院決議強行釋股,本會執行首波合法罷工行動,警方強勢介入以盾牌、人牆鎮壓罷工糾察線,對於宣稱以人權立國的執政黨來說實是一大諷刺! CTWU initiated legal strike to oppose CHT share releasing, but the police went across the pick-up line and quelled CTWU members. It is ironic to the ruling party, Democratic Progressive Party(DPP), which always claims human rights first.
2005/05/20 針對本會0517罷工遭警方強力介入與鎮壓,舉辦「當警察變成中華電信保全?!–搶救勞動人權」記者會,拆穿執政黨宣稱人權立國的假象,向反民主工運戒嚴說「不」! CTWU held the news conference, titled “Polices are CHT security guards? Fight human rights for labors”, denunciated that DPP’s image of protecting human rights was just a illusion. CTWU said “No” to the oppression from the civil servant.
2005/05/27 立法院表決通過:「中華電信公司應停止執行所有釋股作業」、「公股未於當年度確實釋股者,不得再行保留」之攸關民營化釋股之2項提案,與通過「國營事業久任獎金應適用至民營化基準結算,且應做合理補償結算」之保障國營事業員工權利之決議。 Legislative Yuan voted majority on the motion of “CHT should terminate share releasing”, and “Stated-own holding can only be released once”, which both closely related to the issue of privatization. Also, Legislative Yuan passed the motion of “Stated-own Business should compensate its employees after transformed into private company”.
2005/06/21 由會員股東擔任共同告訴人,到台北地檢署提起告訴,希望透過司法程序,阻卻交通部及中華電信公司執意違法釋股之行徑。 CHT shareholders, CHT employees representatives sued Minister of MOTC Lin Ling-san and CHT CEO Hochen Tan for offenses of Breach of Trust in Taipei District Prosecutors Office.
2005/06/28 國際網路工會亞太區會電信委員會議,由台灣中華電信工會籌辦。 UNI Apro Telecom Sector Committee meeting was hosted by CTWU in Taiwan.
2005/06/29-30 國際網路工會亞太區會(UNI APRO)於台灣台北舉行「人力派遣跨國委外論壇」,由中華電信工會承辦。 UNI APRO called for Forum on Outsourcing/Off shoring in Taipei, Taiwan, which was associated by CTWU.
2005/06/30 國際網路工會十二國代表與本會共同召開記者會,所有與會代表強調,國際網路工會全球會員工會將全力聲援本會,同時也將協助本會在美國紐約證交所的反制中華電信公司違法發行ADR行徑。 Representatives of UNI more than 12 countries and CTWU held a joint news conference. UNI emphasized that it would fully support CTWU and help CTWU’s efforts in U.S.A. to fight against CHT illegal ADR releasing in U.S.A.
2005/07/15 經立法院不分黨派超過93位委員共同連署提案,對「中華電信股份有限公司違法執行預算」提出釋憲聲請案 The petition with over 93 cross-parties legislators requested constitutional interpretation on the motion of “CHT illegally operates budget”.
2005/07/20 在中華電信釋股民營最緊要關頭,美國總工會及美國電信工會,協助本會於紐約辦公室召開電話記者會,宣傳中華電信公司違法ADR釋股情況;另亦協同拜會紐約檢察官史賓塞,表達工會反對違法發行ADR訴求。 At the most critical moment of CHT ADR releasing, AFL-CIO and CWA aided CTWU to hold a telephone news conference to promote that CHT illegally release ADR. Under AFL-CIO and CWA’s help, CWTU also visited New York State Attorney General Spincer to represent CTWU’s standpoint.
2005/07/20 由美國總工會及美國電信工會代表陪同,本會拜會紐約檢察官史賓塞辦公室,由特別助理Mary Ellen Burns(右二)等人接待,了解工會反對中華電信公司發行ADR之訴求。 Accompanied by CWA and AFL-CIO, CTWU delegation visited Attorney General Spincer’sOffice and received by his Office Special Assistant Mary Ellen Burns and others to share the opinions of CHT illegal ADR offering case bilaterally.
2005/07/21 於美國期間拜訪位於華盛頓D.C的美國電信工會CWA,協助本會與美國國會議員台灣連線主席布朗透過電話會議說明中華電信公司違法釋股之案由。議員布朗表示:支持本會立場並將邀請其他三位聯合主席致函台灣政府陳水扁總統,要求重新審視檢討備受爭議的中華電信海外釋股案。 Visiting CWA located in Washington D.C. CWA help CTWU to talked with Mr. Brown by phone, who is Representatives of the U.S. House of Representatives, as well as the co-chairman of Congressional Taiwan Caucus. Mr. Brown stated that he was in support of CTWU and would invite three other co-chairs to write to President Chen Shuei-bian to review the controversial case of CHT oversea ADR releasing.
2005/07/23 張理事長於紐約透過視訊會議,向中華電信ADR承銷商高盛、瑞銀等質疑法律風險,紐約州審計處表示將深入了解中華電信違法釋股。 President Chang had the opportunity to call the telephone conference in New York to illustrate how CHT released sharing illegally to Goldman Sachs and UBS. New York State Attorney mentioned that they would do further understanding.
2005/07/27 近千名來自全省各地的彩券工會代表前往財政部爭取工作權,彩券工會提出要公益、救弱勢、顧飯碗等三大訴求,本會前往聲援。 Near one thousand members from national wide Lottery Unions came to Ministry of Finance to fight for working right. They referred three major requests, which are “Seek for Charity”, “Help Minority”, “Fight for Working Right”. CTWU went to support the protest.
2005/08/03 中華電信違法釋股,勞工董事拒絕背書與工會向台北高等行政法院提假處分,要求暫停釋股。 Labor Directors refused to endorse the illegal offering of CHT shares. They filed for a temporary restraining order from the Taipei High-Administrative Court to block the public offering.
2005/08/07 舉辦「揭發假全民釋股 真圖利財團」記者會,特別邀請深知民營化釋股優缺點的中山大學張玉山教授及政大康榮寶教授出席發表見解。 NationalChengchiUniversity Professor Kang Rong-bao and National Sun Yat-Sen University Professor Jhang Yu-shan were invited as the guests to analyze pro and con of privatization in the news conference, “Public share offering is a fraud to indeed benefit the consortium”.
2005/08/09 抗議違法釋股,工會發起第二次罷工行動,號召會員萬電齊發撥打交通部、行政院電話,陳情反對釋股立場,並自下午5點30分開始歷經18小時的絕食靜坐抗議。 CTWU launched strike action to protest illegal share releasing and called members to intensely phone MOTC and Administrative Yuan to speak out their opinions. CTWU representatives and members started a huger strike at 17:30 endless for 18 hours.
2005/08/10 捍衛全民資產0809罷工結束記者會,工會由理事長張緒中及團體協約召集人暨勞工董事蔡石朋;發表三點聲明:一、堅持交通部應遵守立法院決議,捍衛全民資產,堅持全民釋股。二、中華電信工會「合法罷工」,無奈無公共政策辯論參與空間。三、感謝媒體這次對公共政策大幅報導,開啟大眾關心公共政策契機。 After “0809 Fight for Public Assets Strike Action”, President Chang and Labor Director Tsai Shih-peng announced three points: 1. MOTC should obey the resolution made by Legislative Yuan, to protect public assets and to insist on public share offering. 2. The topic of CTWU legal strike action was omitted to be discussed in the public forum. 3. Thank media for the significant coverage, which ignites the public interest in discussing the issue of public policy.
2005/08/24 張理事長率團參加在芝加哥舉行的UNI世界大會,並共同參加終止貧窮陳情活動。 President Chang led a delegate to attend the UNI World Congress held in Chicago and participated in the activity of appealing for ending poverty.
2005/09/28 由日本電信工會主辦第三屆台、日、韓三國「東亞電信工會論壇」,在日本神戶舉行。論壇主題「技術革新與勞工雇用」,引發與會代表熱烈討論。 3rd East Asia Telecom Union Forum hosted by NWJ was held in Kobe, Japan. The theme of this Forum is “Technology Innovation and Laborer Employment”. The representatives had enthusiastically discussions.
2005/10/20 本會為維護會員因公司民營化,而喪失原有之公務人員身分權及/退休權益,已正式委請德誠聯合法律事務所代為必要之行政救濟訴訟! CTWU members lost the public servant status after the privatization of CHT. In order to preserve members’ right, CTWU assigned administrative remedy lawsuit to De-Cheng Law Company.
2006/01/06 本會與中華電信股份有限公司前後歷經長達7年46次的協商會議,終於在勞工主管機關的見證下,正式締結團體協約,成為中華電信公司民營化後,勞資雙方談判相關勞動條件的重要依據。 After 46 times negotiation meetings in 7 years, witnessed under Labor officers, CTWU signed Collective Agreement with CHT. On the basis of Collective Agreement, Labor the union is authorized to discuss about Labor Standard practicing.
2006/02/09-11 康乃爾大學勞資關係學院勞工教育研究中心主任—Kate Bronfenbrenner發函邀請本會理事長,參與康乃爾與各名校及全球各工會所舉辦之全球工會研討會,主辦單位並邀請本會理事長張緒中在閉幕典禮上致詞。 Kate Bronfenbrenner, Director of Labor Education Research, CornellILRSchool, invited President Chang to participate the Global Union Conference in New York that held by universities and unions. President Change was also invited to share his experiences by making a speech in the closing ceremony.
2006/04/28 國際網路工會世界婦女委員會(UNI World Women’s Committee Meeting)於4/27-28,在倫敦召開。本會常務理事高梅香以女性員工向工會申訴留職停薪案,及高雄市就業歧視評議委員會重罰中華電信公司歧視身心障礙女性員工等兩個案例作報告,與各國代表分享工會為女性會員爭取權益的經驗。 UNI World Women’s Committee Meeting was held on 27 and 28 of April in London. CTWU Managing Director Kao Mei-hsiang shared two cases, one was about the maternity leave and the other was the discrimination of disable female worker, illustrating how CTWU fought with CHT for the rights of its female members.
2006/06/14 張理事長率團參加在瑞士尼恩舉行之2006年世界電信工會大會,並拜訪我國駐日內瓦辦事處。 President Chang led a delegate to attend the UNI World Congress held at Nyon, Switzerland and visited the Geneva representative office of the Republic of China.
2006/07/14 國際網路工會傳播部長Noel Howell拜訪本會,與本會張理事長及會務人員舉行近三小時的座談,並以專文報導本會,放在國際網路工會新聞網頁中。 Mr. Noel Howell, leader of the UNI telecom sector visited the CTWU and had a 3-hour talk with President Chang. After his visit, he put the news about his visiting CTWU on the UNI website.
2006/07/21 中華電信工會舉辦策勵營,工會幹部齊聚討論民營化後工會經營策略。 The CTWU held a training camp, in which the union leaders could discuss over the post-privatization managing strategy.
2006/08/28 「2006/國際網路工會亞太區執行委員會」在泰國曼谷召開。本屆執行委員會的重要議題之一是討論國際工會與東南亞國協(ASEAN)在未來的交流互動模式,在全球方興未艾的區域經濟統合和自由貿易潮流中,定位工會和勞工的未來。 2006 UNI APRO Executive Committee was held in Bangkok, Thailand. One important issue is to discuss how to form the communication mode between UNI and ASEAN, in order to define the future role of the union and labors in the trend of free trade and regional economy integration.
2006/10/24 為說明工會對不合理全員行銷、績效考核及重大員工權益事項工會爭取處理進度與公司回應,並瞭解會員對制度執行的實際感受,工會於各地陸續召開員工權益說明會 CTWU held “CHT Employee’s Rights Seminar” to provide the bilateral communication platform between the Union and members. CTWU explained how the Union handled the unfair policies, such as Integral Selling System and Selling Performance Evaluation System with CHT, and presented the updated processing. Also, CTWU collected members’ opinions about those policies by this occasion. CTWU affiliates national wide held CHT Employees’ Seminar.
2006/11/25-29 為徵詢會員意見,進行「全員行銷、績效考核制度」網路公投,共有1萬1千名會員參與。當中有66%認為「全員行銷」制度「非常不合理」,75%認為「五等第考核」是「非常不公平」,86%同意工會應該規劃集體行動施壓。 CTWU held on-line referendum on the topic of “Integral Selling System and Selling Performance Evaluation System”, and total 11,000 members voted on line. The result shows that 66% regards Integral Selling System “very unreasonable”, 75% regards “Selling Performance Evaluation System “very unfair”, and 86% agreed that CTWU should plan collective action to oppress CHT to review those systems.
2006/12/18 舉辦「2006年青年教育研習營」,廣徵35歲以下年輕會員參加,與本會張理事長及中華電信總經理作面對面互動,傳達新生代觀念外,也讓年輕會員更了解工會事務。 CTWU held “2006 Youth Labor Education Camp” and encouraged members under 35years old to participate. By this occasion, President Chang and CHT General Manager had the chance to interact with young generation face by face. Young members had the chance to deliver their ideas, and further understood the Union affairs at the same time
2007/04/22 國際網路工會世界電信大會於4月20日到21日,在希臘雅典舉行。本會張理事長在會議中致辭,請求國際社會支持中華電信工會爭取工作權益和維護勞工尊嚴。會議通過決議,反對中華電信高層不尊重工會、支持中華電信工會行動、同時呼籲台灣政府,積極解決這場勞資爭議。 UNI World Telecom Conference was held in Athens, Greece, from April 20 to 21. President Chang made a speech in the Conference to ask for the international society to support CTWU through fighting for working right and labor dignity. The Conference passed the resolution to oppose CHT management disrespecting CTUW and to support CTWU’s action. Also, the Conference also appealed the government of Taiwan to solve this dispute.
2007/04/25 工會前往民進黨中央黨部陳情,將公司民營化後董事長賀陳旦一年多來具體違法、違反團體協約、無視行政機關事證送交黨部,並演出行動劇抨擊中華電信公司董事長只顧外資利潤,不顧員工及其家庭死活。 CTWU appealed CHT CEO Hochen’s illegal practices, such as destroying Collective Agreement to DPP central party office. CTWU also play a skit to illustrate how CHT senior management put the foreign investors’ interests above the employees and their families.
2006/04/26 交通部蔡堆部長及郵電司長,前往中華電信員林服務中心業務視察,本會中區各分會幹部及全區勞資會議勞方代表,當面向部長拉白布條陳情,並舉牌抗議公司違法逼退員工、打壓勞動人權。 Tsai Duei, Minister of MOTC visited CHTYuan-LinCustomerServiceCenter. During their stay, representatives from CTWU Central Taiwan Affiliate held the banner written “Anti Collective Agreement”, “Force the employees to take early retirement”, “Benefit foreign investors” to state their opinions.
2007/04/28 台灣第二家電信工會─亞太固網寬頻產業工會成立大會,成立過程本會一直從旁協助。力霸集團弊案資方貪污卻連累到無辜勞方的荒謬戲碼,讓員工們痛定思痛,了解到勞工唯有成立工會,才能保障權益。 Second Telecom Union in Taiwan, Asia Pacific Broadband Telecom Workers’ Union was set up under CTWU’s assistant. Rebar Asia Pacific Group embezzlement impacted the innocent labors, and this incident made the labors aware that labor rights could only be protected under the union.
2007/05/01 於勞動節發動「捍衛工作權大遊行」,約五千名員工走上街頭要求董事長下台。 CTWU was forced to have a Labor Day walkout “Fight for Working Rights”. Around 5,000 CTWU members and their families joined the walkout and called for the request of ousting Hochen.
2007/05/05 亞太行動寬頻電信股份有限公司產業工會誕生了,成為台灣第三家電信工會。本會莊秘書長到場祝賀,呼籲其他民營電信公司員工也能加快腳步成立工會,本會希望未來推動幾家同業工會一起運作,籌組「IT產業總工會」,讓電信業與資訊業的勞工能團結起來,擴大工會力量,因為團結力量,是勞工最珍貴的屏障和資產。 Asia Pacific Broadband Wireless Workers’ Union is the third telecom union in Taiwan. CTWU General Secretary Jhuang sent the greetings to the founding convention. Jhuang also called for the collaboration among three telecom unions to form “Taiwan Confederation of IT Trade Unions ” to explore labors’ rights, since solidarity is the strongest backing to the labor.